Utility Customer Service 

The Utility Customer Service Department's mission is to provide positive customer support for the utility billing and collection of water, sewer, and trash services by working together to exceed customer expectations.

Due to the Federal privacy act, we can discuss account issues only with the person(s) identified on the account.

New Water / Sewer / Trash Service
To request new or transfer utility service you must submit the following information:
  • a completed application; 
  • a signed copy of your lease or proof of property ownership; and
  • a valid Texas driver's license or identification; commercial accounts require a valid Texas Tax I.D. number
  • provide a deposit on your account - residential $60; commercial $200; and fire hydrant meter $1,200.00
  • Pay any outstanding balance from a prior account
You may request new utilities service online. Completed application packets received before noon will be connected the same day Completed applications received after noon will be connected the next business day. 

Water / Sewer Charges
Residents are billed for water based on $8.33 for the first 1,000 gallons and $5.53 for each additional 1,000 gallons of water. Sewer charges are $8.60 for the first 1,000 gallons of water used. $7.44 per 1,000 gallons in excess of 1,000 gallons. The monthly volume of sewer generated by a customer shall be assumed to be equivalent to 90% of the average monthly water consumption for the customer from the preceding November, December, January, and February, exclusive of the highest consumption month. Not to exceed $75.00 per month. For new customers, their sewer bill is $53.24 per month based on 7,000 gallons of water, as measured at the water meter. When you receive your third water bill, call Utility Billing at 469.272.2931 to see if your sewer charge can be averaged. This will be based on usage of 21,000 gallons or less for the first 3 months. If over, the rate will remain the same until rates are averaged annually in April.

Trash, Recycling, Bulky Item & Brush Pickup Charges
Weekly collection of trash, recycling and bulky items, and monthly brush service, are provided for $13.03 a month, $9.90 for seniors over 65. There is a $2.00 per month additional charge for an optional 96-gallon trash cart. This amount is included on your water / sewer bill. Trash service is picked up one time per week and brush pickup is scheduled one time per month. Senior Trash Service Application Form

Payment Options
You may make your water / sewer utility bill payment several ways: 

  • The Utility Customer Service Department, on the first floor of the Government Center accepts payments during regular office hours.
  • You may make a utility payment on our automated phone system by dialing 469.272.2931. Press "2" for the payment system. Please have your account number and credit card on hand.
  • You may place your water / sewer utility bill payment (check or money order only) in the drop boxes in front of the Government Center and the Recreation Center at any time.
  • You may make your utility water / sewer / trash payment via Western Union at WalMart and Kroger in Cedar Hill.
  • You may pay your utility bill through your personal on-line banking system.

Billing Dates
Residences west of Highway 67 are billed the 5th of each month with payment due by the 20th. Residences east of Highway 67 are billed on the 20th of the month and due by the 5th of the next month. A 5% penalty will be added to any unpaid balance of bill one day after the due date.

City Water Emergency
If you have a water or sewer service emergency, please call 972.291.5126 during business hours. For an after-hours emergency, call 972.780.6643.
If the water supply problem is between the water meter and your residence, or if you have a sewer problem within your property, you will need to call a plumber for repairs.